Engineering Research for Fusion Reactors

Our field of view includes the fusion reactors of the future, and we are advancing a broad range of studies related to reactor engineering, including research into reactor design and system safety. As the interuniversity research organization in the field of reactor engineering, we are promoting joint studies with universities, project planning, establishment and equipping of research systems, and other activities. In particular, we are engaged in establishing production, manufacturing and machining of row-activation materials, performing mechanical testing for standard-size samples, conducting investigations into advanced blankets, and other activities.

Research and Development for Fusion Reactor Materials

Vanadium alloys are promising low-activation structural materials but an industrial base for mass-production remains to be established. Impurities such as oxygen and nitrogen are known to influence the properties, and reducing these impurities in fabrication is a critical issue. NIFS is advancing research in cooperation with industry to establish production methods for high-purity V-4Cr-4Ti alloys.

Improvements in the fabrication process succeeded in vastly reducing impurity (oxygen) concentrations.
(Joint research with Taiyo Koko Co. and Daido Steel Co.)
Arc-weld joint of high-purity V-4Cr-4Ti alloy

Evaluation of Standard Sizes of Fusion-reactor Materials

Conventionally, testing of mechanical properties for low-activation ferrite steels has been carried out at universities using miniaturized samples. At NIFS, We are taking advantage of our experience in fabrication and evaluation of large-size structural materials to advance mechanical property testing using Standard-size samples.

We have elucidated the basic characteristics of jointly developed JLF-1 low-activation ferrite steel by carrying out fracture-toughness and low-cycle fatigue testing.

Comparison of standard size specimens for mechanical property testing conducted at NIFS (from left: sample for low-cycle fatigue testing and sample for fracture-toughness testing) and miniaturized samples used at Universities (right)

Result > Engineering Research for Fusion Reactors
Result > Engineering Research for Fusion Reactors