International Research and Collaboration

Ever since its infancy, fusion research has been advanced through peaceful international collaboration, and today broad-ranging research is conducted in many countries around the world. Further research and development toward making fusion reactors a reality require the promotion of joint research program, based on a long-term outlook, which brings together the knowledge of researchers not just in Japan, but from around the world. NIFS plays the role of an organization representing Japan in international collaboration in fusion research, and along with this, we are actively advancing joint research and exchange among researchers through international collaboration.

Ongoing International Collaboration at Fusion-science Research Institutes

  1. Multinational collaboration (IEA Stellarator Agreement, TEXTOR Agreement, etc.)
  2. Binational collaboration (US-Japan science and technology cooperation programs, Russia-Japan cooperation, Australia-Japan cooperation, EU-Japan cooperation, China-Japan cooperation, etc.)
  3. Collaboration with other institutions (seven international academic exchange agreements)
  4. Hosting of international conferences (International Toki Conference, etc.)
  5. LHD International Mutual Experimental Program (LIME)

Countries with which Agreements Exist

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Result > International Research and Collaboration
Result > International Research and Collaboration